What a fern leaf tells us about human potential

… and why I chose it as my company’s logo

Have you ever looked closely at a fern leaf? And if so, did you realise all those countless single parts are made up of tiny branches, multitudinous ramifications and furry leaves, all nicely and neatly rolled into one single bowl, before it unfurls to its ‘adult’ size and beauty? Not one leaf is equal to another, each one is unique in its dimensions, its shape, its formation and its exact colour.

The way how it will fully open and unfold depends on various parameters. It depends on influences of the environment as well as its own strength to claim the space it needs to expand and to expose its entire surface to the elements: the air, the rain, the light.

I like to think of human beings and their potential in a similar way: we all are equipped with our own set of talents that we develop throughout our lives. And we are characterised by our individual personality, our way of acting and reacting. There are myriad possibilities to evolve, to grow, to expand, to prosper – yet for everyone, there will be a specific environment to adapt to, individual circumstances to master, different obstacles to overcome and diverse challenges to meet – in our personal life and in our professional one.

Coaching supports us to individually find our authentic way to grow whilst taking external influences and requirements into account. It raises awareness and clarity about our strengths, how best to use them, how to deal with challenges and set-backs – and ultimately how to live a happier and more successful life.