#IWD2019: Why we need to ‚evolutionise‘ the revolution

As NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says in her #IWD2019 message on Linkedin:

“There are things to celebrate, and there are things that we need to focus on continuing to improve, if we are to reach equality for women.”

She does so with a big smile on her face – and with open gestures, as if to include all people in the equation, not only women. Now, this is a personal interpretation, and I probably like to see it this way, because I think this IS the way. The only one.

Thankfully, we have passed the era where we have to demonstrate for women’s rights, set fire to post boxes or buildings or set bombs in order to get attention and claim women’s rights. And we have entered the era – at least in ‘western’ cultural spheres – where we have to acknowledge that only cooperation and inclusion of men in the discussion will bring about the change that we ultimately want. Sustainable change.

I do admire those women who made the whole movement possible in the first place: women who started the campaign towards equality, for whom it actually was a revolution; women who fought for their right to vote and succeeded to have laws change in order to bring equality into governments, organisations and companies. As with the first laws against racism or homophobia – we do need legal frames if we want change to happen. What we need next is ‘evolutionary’ solutions to get to gender balance in business, communities, relationships (and yes, world peace).

Let’s give credit to men: Who already has a good hand doesn’t ask for new cards. And yet men do think differently than 100, 200 years ago. Fathers think in terms of their daughters whom they want to be able to achieve anything they aspire to – just as their brothers. And mothers certainly do raise their sons differently than 100, 200 years ago, preparing them for a world in which their sisters should have equal chances and opportunities.

I am not saying that we are all the same. We aren’t. However, we should be equal.


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